Dental Course

The Easy Availability of Dental Courses in North Delhi

The dental stream has become a wannabe segment for the medical students. The dental courses can open the door to the huge world of dentistry for the students. Dr. Rachit Walia, a renowned dentist, is a teaching faculty member in dental hospital and college in Sarai Rohilla Delhi in the department of restorative dentistry and endodontic. He has been associated with the college as an eminent speaker and trainer. He has acquired expertise in various dental procedures ranging from rotary and single sitting RCT, ceramic inlays and outlays, ceramic composites veneers, vital and non-vital bleaching procedures, complex restorations to dental implants. His desire to share the expertise instigated him to launch his own Dental Academy in India.

The motive behind launching such courses is to offer the students a learning environment where they can groom their talents with the help of practical approach to get a better understanding of the concepts and techniques. The dental courses in Kamla Nagar Delhi are available at affordable rates and the students get synonym with quality education and learning. The budding dentists get trained in a professional ambiance which gives them the confidence to venture in their own setup and further brings improvements in the dental segment.

Α). 2 DAY WORKSHOP WITH HANDS ON. (Hand/Rotary protaper) - Fee: INR 14000/

Course Outline

1. Rationale and treatment planning
2. Basic instrumentation.
3. Anesthesia-tips & tricks.
4. Access opening: how to negotiate extra canals.
5. Working length determination(apex locater).
6. Shaping with NiTi.
7. Irrigation & sterilization.
8. Current concepts in sealers & obturation.
o Instrumentation with NiTi(Hands &Rotary)
o Cone fitting
o Obturation
Hands –on
Workshop on extracted teeth with NiTi instruments and obturation.
» (Course fees include all study material, consumables and hospitality)
» (Students have to bring their own extracted teeth and micro motor, hand pieces for hands-on)
» (All advanced equipments will be provided)

B). Comprehensive 1 month course in Basic to Modern Endodontics. (8days, Saturday,Sundays) - Fee: INR 35,000/

Course structure

1.Theory/classroom sessions 2. Practical sessions
3. Clinical sessions (case presentations)
4. Guest lectures
Theory includes: Friendly discussions on
1. Why Endodontics: Rationale
2. Diagnosis and treatment planning
3. Anatomy & importance of straight line access
4. Basic & modern instrumentation.(Rubber Dam)
5. Anesthesia-tips & tricks
6. Working length determination(apex locater)
7. Shaping with NiTi.
8. Irrigation & intracanal medicaments.
9. Current concepts in sealers & obturation(Thermafill,Beefill)
10. Post Endo Restorations and post-core
11. Material aspect in Endodontic(including MTA)
12. Complications, Flare ups and Management(analgesia & antibiotics)
» (Course fees include all study material, consumables and hospitality)
» (Students have to bring their own extracted teeth and micro motor,airrotor hand piece for hands-on)
» (All advanced equipments will be provided)

C) AESTHETIC DENTISTRY (1month course, 8Days Saturday/Sundays) - Fee: INR 35000/

This Complete Aesthetic Dentistry course will extract and generate the artistic creativity of the participants and thorough understanding of the science of aesthetic dentistry and enable the participant to truly establish himself as an Aesthetic Dentist.


    • Case selection
    • Bonded composite restoration
    • Cervical abrasion
    • Posterior composites
    • Bleaching procedure  ( home\ office)
    • Designing bleaching tray fabrication
    • Diastema closure, illusion of shapes, malformation
    • Ceramic laminates
    • Bonding
    • Clinical tips on tooth preparation
    • Luting procedures
    • Benefits and shortcomings
    • Veneers ( direct \ indirect )
    • Treatment modalities
    • Smile design principle
    • Guidance for shade selection
    • Impression procedures
    • Material science & options available

Guidance on what to choose.

  • Splinting of teeth , ribond(fibre reinforced)
  • Tooth jewellery
  • Practice management to boost you practice
  • multiple case discussion