Infection Control & X-Rays

Dental Infection Control can be effectively handled.

The spread of infection in the medical world can be curbed with the help of proper measures and steps taken for the same. KV Dental is an efficient dental clinic in Ashok Vihar Delhi which is equipped with qualified professionals and state of the art machinery to cater the varied dental requirements of the patients. The clinic takes particular care to adopt measures which can effectively result in dental infection control.

The clinic is exposed to patients suffering from different types of issues and hence the infection and contamination are the factors which can attack the premises.

  • The staffs follow strict safety guidelines and ensure that the instruments are all sterilized and then reused.
  • The routine protocol is to spray and wipe the surfaces which come in contact with various people with an antibacterial solution.
  • Gloves and face masks are used by the practitioners to obtain and maintain cleanliness.
  • The hand washing area has a sanitizer installed for particular attention.
  • Disposable barriers on the areas which come in frequent contact with people.

The tooth infection control measures are very effective and the dentists of the clinic are efficient to maintain the highest level of hygiene while treatment is in progress.

Dental X-Rays are challenging at time. The advent of modern technology has facilitated the x-ray procedures which are an important part of the diagnosis. The latest techniques have made procedures simple and more effective. The clinic has digital x-ray facility to reflect the quality of the lesions, bone, and teeth. Even the x-ray of the most challenging areas in the mouth can be taken without giving any trouble to the patient. The dental x-ray in Kamla Nagar Delhi offered by the experts in the clinic is quite competitive both in costs and operations. The technology combines with human expertise makes all the dental procedures easy.

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