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Periodontal Treatment in Delhi is efficiently available

Oral hygiene should be given due importance as it is a prime part of our body. A beautiful smile can win several hearts. Gum area should also be well looked after. Often we see people having dark gums which do not look appealing. Apart from the color of the gums, there are various other gum diseases which require medical attention. This falls in the periodontal treatment in Karol Bagh. KV Dentals in Gulabi Bagh New Delhi is a renowned name in the field of dental treatments. They have a team of qualified dentists and surgeons who can accommodate several treatments with expertise in the clinic.
Gum diseases are as follows:

  • Dark and patchy gum is a result of the melanin produced by the body. Especially people with a gummy smile, have to ensure that the gums look fresh and good.
  • Tartar formation in the gums should be treated. With the increase in tarter, the bacteria can attack the soft tissues and the condition is called gingivitis. If left unattended, it can lead to chronic issues which can even result in bad breath, bleeding, receding gums and further serious ones like tooth loss.

Laser gum treatment in Ashok ViharĀ is offered in the clinic at best and affordable prices. LANAP is the laser treatment option and the best replacement to the gum surgery which can close the areas of infection between the gum and the tooth and save further damage plus take care of the existing issue as well. In this procedure, a digital dental laser is used to give light between the pockets of tooth and gum and the disease is treated. It is minimally invasive and slight bleeding is a possibility. But the process is a superior gum treatment service available in the clinic. Ultra hygiene level is maintained while the procedure is in progress.

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